Thank you for building my confidence up within just 3 months of being with you! I feel that Veer and I have already improved so much, but all the credit goes to you!

ALYA AUGUSTINE Athlete, Equus Farm


I am in love with this farm... I joined riding 2 months back & my horse addiction is already at peak. It's so peaceful, in the middle of the Aravalis. Amit is a knowledgeable instructor and a very good trainer. He teaches me in an easy way that leaves me feeling great! Despite their professionalism, there's a lot of warmth from the community at Equus Farm, add to that the training quality... I never wanna quit this place it's now become part of my life

Shekhar Deswal Rider, Equus Farm


Amit is an inspiring, realistic and grounded instructor. He makes riding more purposeful and with him you will learn how to become more balanced and flexible, which in turn will help you feel safer and more confident in the saddle. Amit worked with me to build up my core and rider strength, and increasing my mobility and suppleness have greatly rewarded me with more enjoyable training, rides and a happier horse! He encourages and motivates in exactly the right amounts and manages to keep the most strenuous workouts fun. He is quite patient and always tries to inspire everyone to reach that higher level, by aiding them to develop the necessary core strength, balance and stability. He pushes you as a rider outside your comfort zone in such a way that you don’t even realise that you’re being pushed into a movement that you never thought you’d be able to do until you’re actually doing it. As a teacher of many ages, disciplines and confidence levels he has a distinctly different teaching style for each level of rider, and each confidence level. What I really found impressive was his awareness of the horses’ emotional levels and his amazing ability to motivate you to build a relationship between the horse and yourself. Wishing him loads of success in his life and future endeavours!!

ANIRBAN BERA Equestrian & Aspiring Polo Player, Gurgaon Equestrian Club


Amit Sir is the best horse riding teacher I could ask for. He leads by example, leaving me dumbstruck at his riding. He always motivates me to push hard, without burdening or pressurising me. He is someone who does not appreciate someone's riding easily, which just makes me work harder.

KASHMIRA SHILEDAR Rider, Gurgaon Equestrian Club


Amit sir has been a great inspiration he doesn't only know how to ride well but also to guide well. He understands the the riders’ skills and weaknesses as well as the horses’ strength and is a really hardworking man and riding with him is surely THE BEST!!

NIRPESH MAHLAWAT Competitive Show Jumper, Gurgaon Equestrian Club


I started riding with Amit as my instructor, and can honestly say that he’s been responsible for my improvement and continued interest in equestrian and showjumping. Amit is a great instructor and takes pride in improving his students’ skills, always pointing out areas of improvement and encouraging focus on getting basics right. He will keep pushing you to improve and challenge yourself. He himself is a very talented equestrian, and is always keen to keep learning and improving his own skills as well. He is also a skilled trainer, and has been responsible for successfully training my horse for showjumping.

SUNANDO SEN Rider & Horse Owner, Equus Farm


Amit is an excellent coach with all the required skills for the horse riding profession. He has been instrumental in my child’s learning of horse riding trot lessons. I admire his approach for training one to one and focusing on every small teaching to the riders. He is capable of taking the riders through challenges with conviction. I wish him good luck for future!

ANUJ NARULA Parent of Student, Gurgaon Equestrian Club


I have been taking lessons with Amit for a year now. Before I moved to India, I was riding in Sri Lanka where equestrian is not so active and cannot find proper/decent instructor, so at beginnings he focused on the basic to correct my riding position and improve balance so that I will have a secured seat on any kind of horses. At later stages, he focused on more advanced skills such as frequent transitions, course jumping and flying changes etc. In every lesson, he sets the goal or focuses on what I want to improve. Even if I fail to do, he change the method or find the easy way, then make sure that both I and horse finish a lesson with a good note, learning and progress (with smile too). He is able to teach from beginner to advanced riders in various discipline and train/correct horses. He is a horse lover, continues his passion towards this sports and working hard to achieve his goal. He also spends lots of time with the riders in the stable, share his experiences and help people learn more about horses. He is the favourite instructor for all the riders. I would like to highly recommend him as an instructor for all skill levels and in all situations.

MINA BABA Rider, Gurgaon Equestrian Club


Amit sir taught me horse riding with abandon. I have never been a sports person but with his careful guidance and aggressive goals set for me I was focussed and learned nuances whilst enjoying every bit of it. He is an ace rider and certainly is one of the best teachers I have had. I owe my love for horses to him!

NIDHI AGARWAL Rider, Equus Farm

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A friendly, knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated mentor.

Loknath Tiwari Rider, Gurgaon Equestrian Club

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